Trade Associates

The NEW YORK FISHING TACKLE TRADE ASSOCIATION INC. (NYFTTA) was founded several years ago and through the efforts of its members has earned the attention and respect of the legislators and advisory bodies now governing our recreational fisheries.  This organization was created to voice the concerns of the recreational fishing industry, to deal with problems common to our businesses and to promote the sport which supports our industry.

We are young enough to allow every member to express an opinion and take a direct part in setting future goals and agendas.  We are strong enough to send a clear message to everyone that there are viable businesses existing in the recreational fishing trade that contribute greatly to the economy of New York State and that we intend to take an active role in shaping the decisions that affect us.

By aligning your business or association with NYFTTA we can demonstrate to fisheries managers the diversity of businesses and recreational organizations geared toward the recreational sportfisherman that depend on healthy fisheries.  Together we will make a profound economic impact.

The New York Fishing Tackle Trade Association Inc.

NYFTTA President, Gene Young and the NYFTTA BOARD of DIRECTORS